Become a Guardian Coopers Angel

Become a Guardian Coopers Angel


Cooper’s life was changed by two people with big hearts. Two people that vowed to love, protect and never let him go hungry again. These two people were Cooper’s Angels.

Cooper’s Angels helps animals who are rescued from abuse receive immediate medical attention and life saving surgeries. They help cover the costs of food and boarding while animals are in recovery and support any training and rehabilitation needed to help animals overcome their trauma.

When you become a Cooper’s Angel, you will receive a Nassau County SPCA Certificate, the Stop Animal Abuse pin, and a letter of how your contribution is making a difference.

We are so lucky to have had such an amazing dog as part of our family for many years. Sadly Coop has passed but he is missed and still loved everyday. We promised him he would never miss a meal and we kept that promise. He very much enjoyed his breakfast the morning he left us.

— Brigid Fitzgerald




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